How To Get A Polished Floor

If you want smooth and polished floors in your house or office then floor grinders are the devices to rely on. These specialized tools use rotary action in order to smooth away irregularities on the floor and to make it shinier. These devices can help provide a more polished look to the floor and come with different types of attachments for use on different type of flooring such as marble, concrete, granite and so on. In case of concrete floor grinding machines, the attachments are sturdier so as to handle the stress and the engines are more powerful too since concrete is a very tough surface to grind.

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In case of floor grinders, the most common type of abrasive used for grinding would be Silicon carbide or diamond grinding cup wheels. The grits in these grinding discs may vary from 6 to thousands. If you want the highest shine applicable to the floor surface then you should opt for an industrial grade 1800 grit grinding machine. Depending upon the model of the grinder and the floor surface, the grinding process can take place wet or dry. These machines are generally powered by electricity of 220 volts or higher. There are some models that run on LPG too available for areas without a power cord. However, these models are more inferior to the electrical models as they will have fewer features.

If you are thinking of investing in a grinder then you should pick up one that comes with variable speed and adjustable work pressure. Some come with remote control too therefore there is no need of holding the machine by hand while working on polishing the floor. What makes these machines so versatile are their grinding attachments. The attachments come with different types of grits and designs in order to suit various types of applications. Since these floor grinders make use of rotary action instead of direct impact for the purpose of removing materials therefore they are capable of removing only about 18 inch of the surface of the floor.

Floor grinders are not just meant for the singular purpose of making the floor look more aesthetic, i.e. smooth and shiny via grinding, but they also offer several other types of uses. Since these machines are highly adaptable and versatile therefore they can be put to different uses. One of the most common uses of the grinder is profiling of floor before application of paints or other floor coatings. After abrading the floor, it would become smoother and the task of applying the coating or paint would be easier since ridges or bumps on the floor have been eliminated.

At times, these floor grinders are also for breaking up deposits of grease, industrial contaminants or dirt on the floor. Sometimes, bad construction work may leave the floor with high spots or uneven joints, this is where the grinders come into the picture in order to level the floor. Grinders with finer-grit abrasives are also used for the purpose of polishing concrete surfaces.